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So you might ask why someone would start a webpage dedicated to ferns. Well first off I know there are a lot of good plant/gardening websites out there in the internets, there are ones that have pages on hardy ferns, about Boston ferns, mounting ferns, feeding ferns, whatever but none dedicated to the planting and cultivation of ferns in general. I love plants of all kinds but I particularly like ferns so I figure what the hey let’s make a site dedicated to ferns with the added benefit of it doesn’t look like it was designed on windows 95. When I was young I hated ferns.  My parents did some things to extremes and plants (particularly ferns) was one of those things.  I remember we had these giant Boston Ferns hanging around the entire front and back of our house in Florida.  I mean like every 2 feet there was a damn fern! And they were big! My dad would spend hours walking around watering them. If you don’t believe me this is a picture of my dad mowing the lawn at his house in Jacksonville. Please note the ridiculous amount of ferns hanging behind him.  When they got too big for the pots they were in they would divide them and what do you know we have another fern hanging off the side of the house.  One of my biggest teenager pet peeves was when I had to go water them. What a rough life I had as a teenager. As I grew older and had kids of my own  I learned to think back on those Children shopping for fernsmemories fondly.  I think having you children take care of plant and cultivate nature in some way is an important part of cultivating them. I started this website because 1. I am a nerd 2. I like doing nerdy computer things 3. I like plants (especially ferns) and 4. I love my kids. I wanted them to be able to develop that same love I have for nature so this allows me to combine two things that I love.  Now I don’t think I will go about that by forcing them to spend hours in the summer watering ferns but who knows. I took them to fern shopping a while back and forced them to smell the plants while I took a picture for this post so who knows. So anyways I guess this was more of an about me page than an about us but I hope you enjoy the site and get something useful from it.  If you do please share it with others and more importantly let me know what I can do to improve it. Finally, just to be nice I will leave you with this cool infographic on fun facts about ferns.

Fun Fern Facts